This is an open page - the idea is to use the page to share contact information for the time between the end of the On-Campus Orientation (June 4 and 5) to the departure to Nicaragua. This page will be taken down on Monday June 11.

Mike Thomas - 505-573-1656 (text please - call only in case of emergency) - Leaving Friday 10:30am
Michael R. Woods - 503.409.9009 (Leaving Friday, 7am)
Julie Redekopp - 505-331-4429 (leaving Saturday, group flight)
Hannah Robinson - 505-934-0528 (group flight)
Rhi Diem 505-315-3717 (group flight)
Angie Swanson 505-610-5386 (group flight)
Brittany DeAngelo 505-362-6998 (group flight)