This is an update on Financial Aid - Submitted (4/23) by Jessica Muñoz, Senior Teacher:

This is a copy of of the e-mail Financial Aid sent me yesterday (4/22) explaining how pell grants and loans will be given for this summer. All forms can be found on the Financial Aid Website and any questions can be directed towards myself or the Financial Aid Office. I'll probably ask them, whatever you ask me just to be sure I have my facts straight, but I'm still available to help in any way. (Jessica)

The University of New Mexico's summer semester is quickly approaching! Financial Aid may be available to you during the summer semester. This eligibility is based on the 2011-2012 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
The primary sources of financial aid available to eligible students are Federal Pell Grants (available to undergraduate students only), Work-Study, and Federal Student Loans. Information regarding Federal Pell Grant, Work-Study, and Federal Student Loans, as well as answers to other questions, can be found at (Search: "Pell Grant", ”Work-Study”, "Student Loans").

To be considered for a Summer Pell Grant, you do NOT need to submit the Summer 2012 Request Form. By registering for the Summer Term, the Student Financial Aid Office will evaluate you for Pell grant eligibility. Click here for more information regarding Pell grants in the summer.

To be considered for Federal Loans, and Work-Study you will need to:
  • - Be enrolled at least half-time (3 hours) for the Summer Session Note: Nursing students must be in at least 6 hours

  • - Be admitted to a degree-granting college for Summer 2012

  • - Meet Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress standards

  • - Have a complete 2011-2012 Financial Aid File

  • - Submit the Summer Financial Aid and WorkStudy Request Form

The Summer Financial Aid and WorkStudy Request Form, will be processed at the campus you are attending. For inquiries on your awards please contact the campus you are attending. Please note that Nursing, Law, Medical, and Pharmacy students should contact the financial aid representative at their respective school or college with any questions.
All awards and summer notifications will be posted on LoboWeb (Financial Aid Tab) for the 2011-2012 year.
All your questions can be answered through UNM’s Chat Now! website at

You can download the form here