• Small group exercise: ¿Como se llaman vds?
  • El Cuadernito de Mayo provided to students. Explanation: all students need to complete the cuaderno duing the month of may.
download or pick up at UHP office.

  • The "Short Term Participant Packet provided to students

Note: Conexiones apologizes abjectly for the ever growing parcel of forms people are having to fill out and the seeming difficulties that students are encountering as they register, apply for financial aid, and get themselves vetted and certified as ready to participate in study abroad. That being said, you will need to fill out the various forms UNM requires including the "Short Term Participant Packet" below - do not, however, bother "creating an online account" suggested on page one. The application process is over. So what you need to do is to get the various forms filled in and return them to Dr. Thomas via his mailbox at the UHP office. Or you can complete them and send a scan or photo via e-mail to Dr Thomas (

download or pick up at UHP office

  • All participants in UNM study abroad programs must attend travel issues medical advisory session with a physician.

  • All participants in Conexiones must have insurance that meets UNM's minimal standards. We recommend that uninsured students purchase HTH Insurance.
    • Here is the link to the HTH websiteUNM HTH Access Code: CSZ-5241
    • On the first or second day in Granada, Conexiones will reimburse $40 to students who've purchased HTH coverage.

  • Again, Registration Information:
    • All students must register for
      • 16477 UHON 301-031 Conexiones Culture Study 3hr
      • 11618 UHON 399-006 Conexiones Cuaderno (IS) 1hr
    • Students must register for one of these:
      • 18701 SPAN 200-031 Intermediate Spanish Abroad 3hr
      • 21017 SPAN 301-031 Conexiones: Fiesta Documentation 3hr
      • 21079 SPAN 439-031 ContemporaryNicaraguaLit 3hr

  • We will group students into SPAN registration sections today

    • Students mayregister for :
      • 19700 SPAN 203-031 Spanish Conversation 3hr (this is a terrific option for enhanced credit)
      • An honors program or Spanish/Portuguese Independent Study as arranged with a supervising Professor (1-3 hr)
    • Note: Students who register for more than 9 hours will have to pay extra tuition for the hours beyond the 9 hour full summer semester load.
  • Important: The Conexiones/Nicaragua/ 2012 Program Fee ($1850) must be paid to the UNM Cashiers Office by May 15 – UNM tuition must be paid June 1. Your $100 application fee will be reimbursed to you on the first day of the June Orientation meetings.

  • Questions, other business