Anton Daughters on Isla Grande Chiloe (Chile) during a protest in 2006

Anton Daughters (Conexiones Culture Study) is a UNM alum with a University of Arizona PhD (Anthropology) who teaches at Cornell College in Iowa. A veterano of the legendary "Distant Neighbors" cross-border programs in the 90's, Anton did his field work in Chile and has traveled and worked extensively in Latin America. Take a look at his page.

Julie Redekopp

Julie Redekopp (Spanish) is a PhD student in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. She loves teaching Spanish, traveling, photography and her beagle puppy. After graduation, her goal is to develop a short-term study abroad program that combines what she has learned from her amazing experiences with Dr. Cárdenas’ España Literaria Program and Conexiones.

Michael Thomas - Jinotepe, Carazo, Nicaragua 2010

Michael Thomas (Conexiones Culture Study) has been directing UNM's Conexiones study abroad programs since 1985. An anthropologist and author of novels and short fiction, His novel, OSTRICH, won a Barnes & Noble Discovery Great New Writers award and his short story "Are You An American?" has been nominated for the 2012 Pushcart Prize for short fiction.

Mateo Johnston

I am Mateo Johnston. I was born and raised in New Mexico. I am pursuing a master’s in Spanish linguistics at the University of New Mexico. I love teaching, traveling, and the Spanish language. I traveled to Nicaragua with Conexiones in 2010. I didn’t want to come home but I am happy to go back to Granada. I have also traveled to Spain twice. I have benefited greatly from studying aboard I hope to gain as much from teaching abroad.

Miguel Woods

Michael R. Woods is a PhD student in Hispanic Linguistics whose research focuses on Central American experiences related to migration, language, and identity in the United States. Miguel is also a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, who served in Honduras from 2005 to 2007 with the Youth Development program. Outside of UNM, you can usually find Miguel at almost every Latin dance event in Burque. He has also recently taken up teaching Cuban salsa.

Carmella Scorcia

Carmella Scorcia is currently a TA for the Spanish and Portuguese Department and is teaching Spanish as a Heritage Language. She is also a graduate student, working on a Master's in Spanish/Southwest Studies. She enjoys Spanish very much, especially cultural and folkloric celebrations. Prior to working on her Master's she lived and taught English in Nicaragua and Spain. She also studied abroad in Spain during her undergraduate career and she really enjoys traveling! She is looking forward to an exciting experience in Nicaragua with Conexiones, nos veremos!

Jessica Northam-Muñoz

Jessica Northam-Muñoz was a Conexiones student in 2010. She is back to complete her Senior Option in the Honors Program through her service as Senior Teacher for Conexiones/Nicaragua/2012. As a member of the Culture Study team she will be organizing outings, helping with cuaderno work, working on the daily anuncios, and energizing everyone to get the most they can possibly get out of the program. Jessica is currently working towards her Bachelor's Degree in University Studies with a concentration in Creative Arts for Social Justice.